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Cancer Centers

Share your experiences with cancer centers throughout the US.  Submit your comments in the Blog or email me directly and I will format for the website.

"If your physician is against you seeking a second opinion, you need a new physician."---Anonymous Oncologist

**If you are from a cancer center, please help spread the word of our network to your physician patients.  If you would like to partner with us, please contact me at the email listed.  We can find ways to increase your visibility and connectivity on our website and social media.**

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MD Anderson was amazing.  I highly recommend going if possible even if it's just for an initial consult like I did.  It is a massive complex.  I saw Dr. Benny Johnson and he was great. (Unfortunately, I just found out he's leaving).  He put me on a very aggressive regimen that has worked quite well.

They do have a travel service, flights are through United and you have to pay your own way (booking flights with them does allow for changes to be made without fees).  They also have a list of nearby hotels with discounts.

I would have received all my care there, but it was just too far from home.  Nonetheless, I highly recommend MD Anderson.

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Duke Cancer Institute at Duke University is in Durham, NC.  I have been there quite a few times, and their cancer center is quite impressive.  I have seen several different physicians there including Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Colo-rectal Surgery, an GI surgery.  I have been thrilled with Dr. Mettu who is the oncologist for my case.  My surgeons of Dr. Migaly and Dr. Greenberg have been great too.

I went to Duke as it's the best cancer center within a reasonable drive.  Also, for complex issues, I wanted to be at a large center.  The best part was that they treated me like a colleague and not just another patient.

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CTCA was a very nice place.  We went to the one outside of Atlanta in Newnan, GA.  They were very gracious and put us up in the hotel that's part of the complex.  The one really nice thing is that you never see a bill.  They must just take what insurance pays and write the rest off.  

While there, I saw the naturopathic oncologist who was great.  She had tons of suggestions for supplements to help fight the cancer, and also to combat the side effects of chemotherapy.  I also saw one of the oncologists there whom I thought was just ok.  I didn't think he was as good as others I've seen.

The best parts about that place was the naturopath, hotel connected to cancer center, and never seeing a bill.  

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This is where I get my treatment locally.  Dr. Touloukian is awesome and really takes the time.  She spends plenty of time in the office and has called me several times to discuss things.  The RNs in the treatment area are highly skilled and you really get to know all of them.

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